Simplify your workday.

Elements XS3 makes managing utilities & local government easy.

 Web based, realtime ArcGIS & utility billing integration.


Simple, Practical Tools.

The nature of what you're doing is complicated, your software doesn't need to be.

What It Does

  • Service Requests & Work Orders
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Permits, Licenses, Inspections
  • Citizen Requests

Who It's Designed For

  • Water, Sewer & Storm Utilities
  • Gas & Electric Utilities
  • Streets, Traffic & Public Works
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Parks & Rec Departments

How It's Built

  • Web Based, deploy onsite or in the cloud
  • Use any browser on any device
  • ArcGIS Server & Online Integrations
  • Mobile interfaces for tablets & phones
  • Realtime utility billing integration

What's the Big Deal?

Finding the balance between power and usability can be tricky, so we did it for you.


ArcGIS Integration

Realtime 2-way integration with ESRI’s ArcGIS server platform; read and write in realtime from tablets, phones, and other devices.  No data is copied or synchronized; all feature data is stored and maintained in the native ESRI geodatabase.


Web & Mobility

Access data anywhere on any device in realtime.  Elements XS3 is cross browser compatible and will run on any device.  Offline tools for maps and key datasets are also available.



User Experience

It’s a web app, but it doesn’t feel like one.  A responsive, adaptive user interface ensures the best experience on any device; unique workspaces targeted to individual job functions are designed for maximum efficiency.


Dynamic Data

Define custom datasets, design data collection forms, and configure unique workflow processes with no limits on the number of custom fields or design restrictions on how the data is presented to end-users.


Custom Workflows

A fully configurable workflow designer and built-in workflow engine allow you to design your own workflow processes and trigger events based on scenarios that are unique to your organization.


Utility Billing & CIS

Read directly from and write directly to your utility billing software or other Customer Information System in real-time via the web.

Meter reads, change outs, shut offs, and other tasks can be completed on the job site in real-time.  Field and office staff can access the information they need directly from third party applications via Elements XS3.


Beyond the GIS

If it belongs on a map we'll track it there—otherwise we won’t. 

Manage work and maintenance schedules on facilities, treatment plants, trucks, equipment, and other assets that aren't tied to a set of coordinates using Elements XS3.



Elements XS3 provides a built-in reporting engine supporting charts, graphs, and other industry standard reporting features.  Elements XS3 also offers an open Microsoft SQL database allowing full reporting access via industry standard reporting engines such as Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services, and others.

Apples to Apples

Few things in life are worse than trying to compare apples to oranges.  
Here's a quick list of features you'll find in Elements XS3:

Web Technology

  • Choose On-Premise or Cloud-Based Hosting
  • Use Any Browser on Any Device

Service & Work Order Management

  • Pre-Define Custom Templates
  • Define Custom Data to Collect
  • Track Labor, Materials, Equipment
  • Employee & Crew Assignments
  • Scheduled vs. Actual Dates
  • Preventive & Reactive Maintenance
  • Work History Audits

Inventory Management

  • Create Purchase Orders & Item Receipts
  • FIFO Costing Method
  • Inventory Audit Tools
  • Transfer & Adjust Stock Levels
  • Manage Multiple Inventory Warehouses
  • Manage Vendors and Contractors
  • Pre-Define Materials Required for Service & Work Orders

Non Spatial Assets

  • Track Work on Vehicles, Equipment, and Other Non-Spatial Assets
  • Unlimited Asset Types
  • Custom Asset Field Definitions
  • Organize Assets into a Custom Hierarchy

Maintenance Schedules

  • Schedule Calendar-Based Maintenance
  • Schedule Maintenance Activities Based on Asset Data (Mileage, Hours, and More)
  • Available SCADA Integration


  • Built In Report Designer
  • Create Graphs and Charts to Visualize Data

For Your IT Folks

  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework
  • MS SQL Database Backend

GIS Integration

  • Integrate with ArcGIS Server 10.2 or Later
  • Integrate with ArcGIS Online
  • Options for ArcGIS Desktop
  • View Work Locations in GIS
  • Perform Spatial Analysis on Work
  • Create Heat Maps & Geographic Reports Based on Work Locations
  • Select One or More Assets on the Map and Create a Work Order in One Click

Interface Options

  • Customize Grid Layouts, Page Display, and Map Functionality for Each User
  • Customize Look, Feel, and Functionality Based on Job Function
  • Mobile Interfaces for Phone & Tablet

Utility Billing & CIS

  • Real-Time Read & Write Integrations with Utility Billing and Customer Information Systems
  • Integrate Billing Data with GIS
  • Access Billing Data in the Field
  • Install, Replace, Read Meters & More
  • Realtime Field Access to Customer & Location Data

Permits, Licenses & Inspections

  • Define Custom Layouts and Data Collection Fields
  • Define Custom Statuses and Workflows
  • System Notifications Across Multiple Departments

Workflows & Notifications

  • Design Custom Workflows Across Multiple Departments
  • Create Custom Email and Text Notifications Based on Activities

Dynamic Data

  • Build Custom Datasets to be used with Assets, Work Orders, Permits, Licenses, and Other Objects
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Design Custom Document Layouts
  • Create Notifications and Workflows Based on Custom Data

We're the team responsible for Elements XS3.
Beyond the technical realm, there are three driving principles behind our madness.

Simple is Beautiful

We do our best to under-complicate things. Your juris doctorate degree is nice, but you won't need it to use our software.

Flexible is Awesome

Aside from the limbo competition at the annual Christmas party, we think it's important to be ultra flexible - both in application architecture and software implementation.

Your Problem is Our Friend

In fact, your worst problem is our best friend. We thrive on those gnarly problems that nobody can seem to figure out.

Our Services

We work hard to make great software; if you're looking for a little extra help we've also got you covered.

Workflow Design & Consulting

Software is only half the battle in our little corner of the world. Most of our staff have worked for utilities and we understand the business. We also understand the importance of designing and maintaining practical workflow procedures.

Mapping & GIS

Not sure about your GIS? Our mapping experts can help organize mapping data and collect GIS to help maximize your investment to ensure a successful software implementation.

Ready for a Test Drive?

Drop us a line and we'll run you through the app—if it looks like we're on the right track we'll set you up with a trial account so you can work through it on your own.

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